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What services do we offer?

Web Wolf Design provides customizable services tailored to your needs, with a specialization in:


It’s in our name for a reason. When you need a website optimized for speed, performance, and stability, hire a Web Wolf.


Our multi-stage design process ensures a site tailored to the client’s needs and crafted for a positive user experience.


Marketing is such a broad, intimidating term. Take the fear out of the unknown with a consultation or by ordering direct services.

Website Updates and Repair

Have an existing website that needs updates, upgrades, or isn’t functioning right? We may be able to fix it and save you the cost of a brand new site.


By 2026, studies predict roughly 25% of all retail purchases will be made online. If you carry products that can be sold online but don’t, you’re loosing sales.

Maintenance & Support​​​

The pride of this pack is our website management services. Go hands-free and worry-free by leaving all of the day-to-day maintenance and optimization to us.

The Process

Web Wolf Design applies a similar development process to all of our sites for quality control and predictable turnaround times. Whether your business is large or small, we want to provide the best website we can that fits within your budget.

Our process directly involves the client in the early drafting stages of design so that you can give plenty of input on your needs and preferences before we begin any actual coding.

Once we’ve agreed on a plan, the Web Wolf team will build the site and return for a presentation when it is nearly finished. During the development phase, we may request additional information from the client as necessary, such as their social media cred

Sitemaps on desk for planning service website designs.


A strong website design guides the audience through the site, presenting them with a clear layout that helps them find what they want in an easy fashion. It also educates them while displaying professionalism in an appropriate tone to reflect your business’s atmosphere. This shows that your operation is an expert in its field and takes its work seriously.

Elements like these lead to a positive user experience, which in turn boosts their feelings toward the business itself and encourages them to make a purchase. Your web presence is your first impression when a potential customer tries to research you. Make it a great one.



When a website leaves a bad first impression, such as by loading slow, being confusing to navigate, or listing broken links and typos, consumers are unlikely to return and view your business in a negative light. In today’s competitive markets, even if you have the best business in the area, that bad impression alone can cost you a sale.

Right from the start, Web Wolf websites are designed to perform well in all of these metrics. We look not only at speeds and structure tests, but put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes to ask the question: “what would make using this website a more pleasant experience?”

This customer-focused approach influences us at every step of the development process. When applicable, we even bring in outside individuals to sit down with your site as a sample customer and observe how they interact.

Do they get confused by a particular feature? Can they quickly find what they’re looking for? This live-study research provides valuable insight toward elevating your website to the next level.



Ranking high in google and establishing a name for your business is an ongoing process. While a website can be optimized so that google will be inclined to favor it, to truly dominant the search results and draw more traffic requires a more complex, extended plan featuring various elements, such as regular blog posts or link building with other sites.

Through a monthly plan, we can take your business through the steps to build up your following and improve your domain ranking.


Updates and Repairs

Websites need regular attention to stay up-to-date as both your business and the market evolve. Outdated websites can fall apart from broken code or security vulnerabilities, and even if it’s still standing, it may no longer properly reflect your business.

Whether it’s a complete overhaul or simply replacing old pictures, we can update your existing WordPress website to bring it into the modern age.



The share of online sales is growing every year, and the massive success of platforms such as Amazon show that many people prefer the privacy and convenience of ordering online rather than walking into a store or calling to place an order.

While not practical for every operation, businesses that can engage in eCommerce open themselves up to a much larger customer base. If your products or services make sense to sell online but you’re not, then you are missing out on countless new sales.


Maintenance & Support

Without regular updates, a website is doomed to collapse on itself or become a hotbed of security issues.

Plugins, PHP, themes, and even WordPress itself release new editions regularly. Without staying up to date on all of these, your website will likely break from compatibility issues or worse: bots that crawl that web looking for security vulnerabilities to exploit. These bots potentially place not only your business, but your customers at risk if they hack your site.

With a maintenance plan, our team will handle all of these updates so that you don’t have to, saving time, money, and plenty of stress. Additionally, we will monitor your site in case it goes down so that we can quickly patch it up and bring it back online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about web design, online marketing, and our services.

A quality website helps your business stand out online and appear more official to both customers and search engines, which boosts your odds of being seen as trustworthy. Some businesses treat their website as an online billboard because search engines favor them over social media pages, but a proper website takes yours far beyond that by serving as the central hub for your online presence and a source of organic marketing.

In this way, you can boost sales by linking all of your social networks to guide potential customers to a specially crafted introduction to your business rather than getting lost in the sea of social media pages with the same generic formatting. Think of a website like having a few minutes to sit down and introduce yourself to someone vs just dropping off a business card. Which is more likely to help you make a sale?

There is no single answer to this question. Every client is unique, and since every website is tailored to their personal brand and needs, every website is unique too. During the design process, we will spend plenty of time asking questions to learn about you and your business. We’ll assess your needs, goals, and provide a price quote based on our assessment. In most cases, we try to provide you with multiple options so that you have plenty of flexibility in your choice. Please email us at Contact@WebWolf.Design to start the quote process!

Our standard build time from start to finish is between 3-8 weeks, but this pace varies depending on the size of the project, your feedback, and how quickly necessary components like photos, domains, and written content are provided. This time also doesn’t necessarily include consultation and planning time.

Certainly! All websites that we build are mobile-friendly and tested on multiple mobile devices and different browsers.

We will take care of smaller written content for your website, such as headers and call-to-action text. During the design phase, you will be able to decide whether you wish to provide your own long form content or have our writing team handle it. Editing services are available for clients that prefer to write their own content, but would like assistance to ensure a polished piece optimized for websites.

Sure! If you select our maintenance plan, we will take care of all security and software updates for you in addition to 24/7 downtime monitoring and more to ensure your site continues to run smoothly. If not you do not have a maintenance plan but need assistance, we can still provide updates and other services at a hourly rate.

Yes and no. Your website will be optimized to show favorably in search engines like Google, but that doesn’t include ongoing SEO or guarantee your business will rank first in results. To boost your position here, our expert team offers marketing consultation and monthly SEO services.

Clients are responsible for their domain name and web hosting unless they have our maintenance plan. As part of the plan, we will manage your website hosting needs, but the domain name still falls to you. In most cases, we will still assist you in setting up your domain and pointing it to your website as part of your website design package.

No! We work remotely with clients across the United States and can communicate through email, scheduled calls, and video chat conferences.

Contact us by email at, send us a text at (570) 846-0604, or fill out our consultation contact form to begin the process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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